The tale of the potato tower and the first sister

Today was the first evening session.

Anna, Noortje, Annemarie and Fiona did lots of planting in the Emilia Hazelip beds. They mostly planted various Allium sp. and French marigolds (Tagetes patula). The Alliums will hopefully keep flying and crawling pests away from other plants and the French marigolds are for protection against eelworms (a type of nematode). In between, Annemarie has been tending to her rapidly expanding edible weeds garden.

Some more weeding got done in the ‘forest garden’ and ‘perennial vegetables’ areas, but the big news is that the experimental plots are coming to life. Carl has set up the first level of a ‘potato tower’ using car tyres. Meanwhile Tom made humps in the test bed for the three (four) sisters and the first sister, maize,  is now planted in the centre of the humps!

All in all a very nice evening and since the Wednesday seemed to suit everyone, see you next week, same time, same place.

cheers, Tom and Fiona


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