Growing Signs

It has been a while since the last post and luckily we had quite some rain during that time. The garden is now looking very healthy and green and it looks as if things are slowly but surely coming together.

Visually the most obvious change is a set of signs at the experimental plots. These are made using tiles Fiona found that can be written on with whiteboard markers and can be used to show/tell/illustrate what is happening in that particular plot. Do not use any permanent markers on them since their writing will be, well, permanent. The signs give a formal feel and I think they nicely emphasize both the experimental and ‘showcase’ elements of the permagarden.

In the experimental plots themselves things keep developing. Jan Joost has started work on his brick-pile version of the permaculture spiral. His plot features, at the moment at least, a big pile and a big hole.  In the Hügelkultur plot I put up a bamboo structure and we planted fancy yellow french beans that Fiona brought to go up it. Under the structure we will most likely put kale and perhaps leek. On the other side of Jan Joost’s plot the sisters are looking really good. The ‘bird seed’ experiment has maybe benefited most from the rain and is covered with new fresh green; in it we have spotted some cabbage, coriander and tomatoes already!

The perennial vegetable garden is really fleshing out and Fiona spend this Wednesday organising it, clearing and levelling the paths and sowing them with white clover as a living mulch in an attempt to minimize the required weeding and boost soil nitrogen levels.

Next to the perennial vegetable garden on both sides of the paths I made raised beds which we will most likely use to grow strawberries and rhubarb. They also serve as part of the depository for the top-soil from the hole that needs digging for the sunken greenhouse and hence will keep growing for a while…

Finally, on the side of the allotment, I have two little plots, one with barley and one with oats and with a very definite mole track in between.

This is all for now although Fiona may have stuff to add, I hope to see you all at the allotment this weekend,

regards, Tom


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