Sowing Seeds at Wageningen University Information Day

Donated seeds from WEP

On Wednesday I went along to the university student information fair at the arboretum, with Esther from the Transition Towns Vallei board. We went on a mission to make sure the other environmental organisations knew that there was a permaculture project in Wageningen that students could get involved with. Esther printed some new leaflets that I designed and it was great to talk to all the organisations – some of whom we know already, such as Boerengroep – the farming association which connects students with farmers.

We met the bee-team – the new university bee-keeping group; SHARE, who organise green activities (including the local event for the World Naked Bike Ride!) and Food Not Bombs; and Greenpeace representatives. The nature groups were interested to hear about the habitat benefits of working with permaculture methods – among those were JNM, and KNNV who are doing a guided tour of Wageningen’s wildlife beginning at the arboretum (14:00 Sept.4th).  WEP is a university environmental group who organise green activities (watch out for the beer-making workshops) – they were giving away organic seeds and very kindly donated a bumper collection for the garden – thanks guys! They also publish an eco-map showing the environmentally friendly companies, initiatives etc in Wageningen. We hope to make it onto the map next year…

Hopefully we’ll get chance to create some partnerships or new projects with these groups in the future and build on earlier collaboration with Boerengroep. I’ll be participating in a workshop with the RUW Foundation which tries to keep students connected with real world events, representing the garden and the potential for permaculture, so things are underway. Now all we need is a tidal wave of students looking to get their hands dirty so we can control the weeds!


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