Pomona Edible Garden Opening!

Well, things have been busy with Transition Towns projects which is why this blog is late! In the middle of a busy schedule of events the Pomona edible garden project finally opened on Saturday the 4th. This is a neighbourhood initiative which Transition Towns helped set up and implement. The Pomona social housing flats were built in in an area where there used to be a fruit-growing and over the years part of the open land around the flats grew wild. The gardening project rescued some fruit trees from the forest of brambles and planted more. Now there is an open orchard area with seatin, log stepping stones, and lots of space for residents to put in new edible planting. What is also good from an ecology point of view is that not all of the area has been cleared, half the area will remain a natural reserve which allows for nesting birds, foraging animals and children playing hide-and-seek! Esther from Transition Towns gave a pre-opening tour which allowed us to see the new signboard before it even went up…Here are some photos of the area:

Forest Garden at Pomona, Wageningen, NL.

Tree play equipment

Esther from Transition Towns Vallei giving us the guided tour...

Beautiful water storage - a Dutch speciality and neccessity.

Small world - a new house nextdoor to the garden with a very fancy permaculture spiral!

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