Pop-Up Restaurants: how to enjoy your local food…

The Pop-Up Restaurant - Puur-e (Photo by Maarten Weij)

By Annemarie Wolferink – TTPermatuin’s edible plants expert

In April there was an article in the local newspaper about a restaurant that was about to pop up in Ede: Puur-e, run by Christian Weij and his partner Petra Busser. It was an interesting concept, so I googled Christian and found his twitter-account, where I read about his fascination for the Danish restaurant NOMA and his plans to land an Earthship in Ede. Wow!

At this point I sent him an e-mail: if you need to learn about edible wild plants, just let me know – I’d like to help. In these modern times it can be amazingly easy to make connections. So it happened on october 29th that a group of about twenty people went to have lunch at five locations around “Huize Kernhem”, a stately mansion in Ede. My job was to tell about the edible plants along the walk and point out some herbs, seeds and edible flowers that were to be picked by the guests and used in the dishes.

As it turned out, there was hardly enough time to dwell upon the plants we met. At all the locations there was so much to tell by the passionate people running these places: “In Goede Aarde”, “Makandra”, “Brandrood” and the “Doesburger Molen”. The fifth location was the herb garden near Huize Kernhem, where I volunteer.

The menu (with local wines from Ecofields Wekerom):

First course: potato salad (krieltjes from Makandra) with fennel and a dressing of pineapple sage, garnished with flowers of fennel and pineapple sage.

Second course:  – Rucola salade with “hangop”, garnished with flowers (dahlia, calamintha) and herbs from the herb garden.

Third course: Veal cheek (Ecofields), slow-cooked to perfection in a hay box. Apple sauce with quince, puree of swedes. Pumpkin soup jelly cubes, parsley sauce. Garnished with walnuts and salad burnet gathered from the garden around.

Fourth course: Lollypop of goat’s cheese with ruby-red cornus jelly. Young and older Brandrood cheese with pumpkin chutney from “In Goede Aarde” and roasted beech nuts the guest had gathered and peeled.

Fifth course: Cream of apple pie, hazelnut foam and pieces of almond cake, along with locally produced liqueurs.

Christian’s goal – to have the guests experience the wonderful organic produce of this cluster of local producers – was more than met. The weather was nice, the mood was good, the food was thoroughly enjoyed: what more can you wish for?

If you’d like to join some Puur-e culinary adventure, check out the website. Since they are to be unique events, I can’t tell much more about it. But I can tell this was quite a learning experience: if you want to convince people to go for local organic produce, this is the way to go: pure seduction!


In Goede Aarde:
Kaasboerderij Brandrood:
Kruidentuin Kernhem, by the volunteers of Groei&Bloei:
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One comment on “Pop-Up Restaurants: how to enjoy your local food…

  1. OK very worth the try, so tnx for the great hint.
    Fuzzy pricing, for some big tasting !
    Gr@tz , Jeroen
    EcoVrede, Arnhem (from the late Sept Eng-PG excursion)

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