Spring is in the air

With spring in the air, work at the allotment is now in full swing. To our delight these last two weeks a group of gardening students from the university visited and joined in the work on the garden. As the saying goes, many hands make light work.

The primary focus has been to create structure; outline paths, measure the mini-plots, get the dimensions of the new herb garden. All of this requires lots of pegs to be hammered in, which is possible thanks to Jan Joost’s find/contribution of a few bags full of edging poles. So now we have new pathways, filled with sand and the soil goes on the beds. There are now ten mini-plots measured out and we can get on our way with them.

The experimental bed that had the bird-seed experiment in it last year has been cleared of grass and tilled. After tilling there were still lots of couch-grass (Elymus repens (L.) Gould) roots which were painstakingly sorted and taken out. Fiona harvested some of these for medicinal use. It has a history of use for urinary tract conditions going back to classical times and is approved in Germany for this and bronchitis and laryngitis (i.e. chest infections).

Aside from the work on tilling and creating the infrastructure the sowing season has now officially started; the growing bed on the side of the allotment was cleared, filled with good soil and the first lettuce was sown!


thanks all and see you in the coming weeks,




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