Wat een mooie bloementuin! / What a beautiful flower garden!

Spring is in the air, birds are singing and flowers are slowly coming up, with snow-drops and crocuses stealing the show and we have another growing season at the permagarden to look forward to! Right now, however, most plants are still dead or slumbering and the garden is a bit dreary, so I decided to make a post about the beauty of the garden in full bloom. I have been wanting to write a post about last year’s gorgeous display of flowers for more than half a year and this seems a good time for some inspiration and visions of summer beauty, so here goes!

The idea for this post started in spring and summer of last year when we were hard at work in the garden. Seeding, planting, weeding, putting in paths, making raised beds and so forth. It seemed that there was always something that really needed to be done and preferably yesterday (’tis the gardener’s curse). So doggedly working on and immersed in one thing or another, I suddenly hear  a clear child’s voice, an exclamation of pure delight:

“Kijk mamma! Wat een mooie bloementuin!”   (Look mom! What a beautiful flower garden!)

Naturally this is enough to lighten anyone’s spirit and conjure up a smile.  Over the whole of the summer I have heard this exact same exclamation three times from kids whose families were biking by the garden! It has to be said the children were right – the flowers were indeed amazing last year. The garden was filled with a multitude of flowering Oregano, Mallow, Lupins, Cornflower, Calendula, Verbascum, sunflowers and more. The most impressive of all, however, were the poppies . Poppies in all sizes and shapes all over garden. In a way these poppies are part of the site heritage since they were brought to the allotment by Theo, a previous tenant. Theo is a lover of poppies and selected some of the most marvelous and exuberant poppies you will ever see. Now, because of the way we work we do not clear the soil all the time, nor hoe it, and this gave the poppies time to get going and we kept them around and were rewarded with an amazing display and array of colours (as well as cries of delight). Therefore, partly as a way of saying thanks to Theo, I decided to write this post to share the beauty.

However, it is not easy to convey such beauty in words and even photos usually fall short of the real-life impact. Then one fine Saturday (the 4th of August to be precise) I got lucky, or the universe provided, since I met a lady in the garden who was busy with her camera and tripod. Naturally I was very curious and asked what she was doing. It turns out she had been visiting the garden repeatedly to take pictures of the wealth of flowers and natural beauty. What’s more, she participates in photography competitions and had recently won one with a picture of a poppy in our garden! You can see her pictures of flowers around the garden here and all her other amazingly beautiful photo’s here. She gave us permission to use some of her pictures for the blog so below you can see some of them together with some of our own pictures. Together I hope these pictures are able to at least provide a glimpse of the beauty that prompted children to cry out in delight!



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