Ecological Farmer Joel Salatin in the Netherlands

video screenshot2Well, there is finally a nice video to share with you all about the recent visit to the Netherlands by the innovative ecological farmer, Joel Salatin from Polyface Farm in the USA.  He produces meat, but describes himself as a grass farmer since looking after the soil is where it all begins and ends. At the TTPermatuin we are not able to keep animals due to legal restrictions, so why blog about Joel? Because he is an inspiring, experienced user of the permaculture approaches of designing systems so that nature does the work, having an ethic about food production, and linking food with the wider health of our global society – all while making a decent income. It is hard-headed farmer-talk that we all need to hear, to know that a better future is possible. He has spent his life trialling new methods, failing, learning, and suceeding, and now he dedicates much of his time to sharing his concepts and models.  This month he was even in Wageningen at a debate on the future of food production.

In this video recorded on the 8th of May we see Salatin happily describing his farm and his food philosophy at a field-talk on the farm of Erik Heuvelink, who works using the PureGraze method in the Overijssel which is inspired by Salatin’s practices. This talk covers the same issues as his speech in Wageningen, with more details. You can find many more videos on You Tube showing the various working systems on Salatin’s farm. Watch and enjoy!

MORE from the tour:


Slatin quote


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