Over ons/ About Us

Welcome! This blog functions as a log for a Transition Towns permaculture allotment project in Wageningen, The Netherlands.

Sadly, this project has now closed. However, another project affiliated with Transition Town Vallei is now running and you can find out more at: http://www.creativegarden-wageningen.org/

Welkom! Dit blog fungeert als een log voor een Transition Towns permacultuur volkstuin project in Wageningen, Nederland.

Helaas is dit project nu gesloten. Er is echter een ander project aangesloten bij Transition Town Vallei die actief is en je kunt meer op te weten: http://www.creativegarden-wageningen.org/


 Information leaflet – English           Informatie folder – Nederlands


The PermaGarden was started by Transitions Towns in Wageningen who wanted to create a location where people aiming to start bottom-up initiatives could go to find information, plants and inspiration.

Luckily several allotments were available next to a location where experienced gardeners had been working on sustainable methods and small scale experiments. Transition towns asked master student of landscape architecture Fiona Morris to make a design for the area, since her master thesis is on urban permaculture.

Fiona Morris created a design in which various techniques used in permaculture are applied and showcased for people to see and get involved in.



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