Links – Information and Inspiration


Bill Mollison & Mia Slay, 1979. Introduction to Permaculture.
Bill Mollison, 1988. Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual.
Fransje de Waard, 1996. Tuinen van Overvloed.
Patrich Whitefield, 2004. The Earth Care Manual.
Toby Hemenway, 2009. Gaia’s Garden; A guide to Home-Scale Permaculture.
Martin Crawford, 2010. Creating A Forest Garden.
Permacultuur Nederland (NL) –
The Permaculture Association (UK) –
Transition Towns Vallei (Wageningen area) –
Inspiring Films:
A Farm for a Future – (met nederlands vertaling!) documentary on what permaculture can offer a farming future:
Hope in a Changing Climate – documentary about restoration agriculture, another aspect of  a permaculture approach:
Julius Piti, CELUK project, Chikukwa, Zimbabwe (I met Julious at the EU Permaculture Convergence and he is now working on projects with an organisation called PORET – Fiona). The stream dried-up in Chikukwa, and the land was eroding…Help from a permaculture centre stimulated land recovery, improved productivity, peer-to-peer learning, an organic, community-based NGO:,

How to rebuild a rainforest – (je kan een nederlands vertaling krijgen door het menu bodem rechts, onder de scherm – ‘Show transcript’ -> Dutch) Willy Smits studied at Wageningen University, and although he does not use permaculture explicitly, his systems-thinking holistic design solution to a problem is what good permaculture design aims for. A stunning project bringing landscape restoration, food, materials, jobs, biodiversity, rain…and all beginning with one orphan baby orang-utan, a small sad messenger of  habitat in crisis:


In order to increase diversity, ecosystem balance and health, permaculture works with plants as parts of whole systems…

Permaculture uses nature to do the work where possible. Productive plants can be grouped in ‘guilds’ with beneficial neighbours  to create a self-supporting productive plant system with:
  • nitrogen
  • nutrients/ dynamic accumulators (non mineral, mineral, soil)
  • mulch
  • pollination
  • protection from external threats
(NL) Guild Finder – companion planting ‘families’:
Companion Planting:
In traditional horticulture the concepts behind the guilds are used in a slightly less extensive way, in the form of  ‘companion planting’. Here are some PDF’s of companion-planting A-Z articles from the web:
Companion Planting
Companion plants – Seeds Of
Companion Plants, Insect-Repellant Plants, Beneficial Insects
Companion planting guide – The Gardeners Calendar
Welke planten zijn eetbar?/ What plants are edible?:
(EN) Plants for a Future (plant database) –
(NL) Van der Wal –
(NL) Tuinkabouter –
(NL) Vreeken’s Zaden –  (be aware of  €3,50 administration cost on top of postage, and long delivery times)
(NL) Make your own annual vegetable seed planting calender at:

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