Would you like to visit the garden with a group or organisation and get a guided tour by experienced project members to learn about the ins and outs of permaculture gardening? Do you want to learn about how to set-up a community garden, as an exemplary small-scale educational model for holistic design, sustainable urban agroecology, and permaculture methods? Perhaps you are a school who would like to use the garden as a resource for your teachers or your pupils? Please feel welcome to contact us with your request and we will help you get the most from the garden! We are not subsidised and work with volunteers only, so we ask for a small contribution in money or in kind; every bit helps us to improve the garden and provide a service to the next community group or individual. Commercial organisations, funded NGOs and government bodies are asked to contribute pro rata for the services provided.

Official visitors/ users of the garden include:

Stichting Boerengroep
Stichting Otherwise
Van Hall Larenstein
WEP (Wageningse Environmental Platform)
Wageningen University: Climate Change Summer School 2012
Wageningen University: MSc. Organic Agriculture course

 We have been invited to present at several events this year, including:

ASEED’s Agriculture Action Camp 2012 – Den Bosch
European Permaculture Convergence 2012 – Germany
WUR MSc. Organic Agriculture course – Wageningen

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